Frequently asked questions

What is the World Water Innovation Fund?

The World Water Innovation Fund is a collaborative venture, supported by water companies from around the globe, designed to encourage the rapid adoption of water technologies through ideas, trials and research.

Why have you launched the fund?

Water is a precious resource we need to protect now and for generations to come. Water scarcity, caused by climate change and population growth is a problem facing not just the water industry, but the entire world. The time to act is now. The WWIF will bring together like-minded water companies to share knowledge and prevent repetition of trials across the globe.

How will the fund work?

Water companies who have signed up to scheme will allocate time and money to innovative trials, develop ground-breaking technology and conduct trail-blazing research, in a bid drive greater water efficiency across their networks. Each member is committed to taking an open innovation approach and will publish and share the results openly. Every water company and its customers can benefit from the learnings and insight so that we can change the future of water forever for everyone.

Will results of the trials be available for me to look at?

Each water company will publish their research, including associated results and findings on the World Water Innovation Fund website.

How will the fund be structured and managed day-to-day?

The World Water Innovation Fund will be governed by an independent board, comprising of one representative from each participating water company.

Who will chair in the fund’s independent board?

The chair will be independent and has been selected as Dr Piers Clark, Isle Group Chairman for the first year. Steering Group will select chair for the following years.

Which water companies have signed up the fund?

Water companies that have signed up the World Water Innovation Fund include: Severn Trent (UK), United Utilities (UK), LADWP (US), DC Water (US), Hunter Water (AUS), Yarra Valley Water (AUS), South East Water (AUS), City West Water (AUS), Melbourne Water (AUS) and Aegea (Brazil).

What are the priorities of the fund?

The priority of the fund is to address global water challenges and preserve a supply of safe water and provide sanitation for future generations across the world. One of the first areas the fund will focus on is leakage.

How long will the fund run?

The fund will be reviewed on an annual basis, but it is expected that it will run for at least three years, but will remain open ended.

I am interested in joining the fund. Who do I need to get in touch with?

Please contact us for further information.