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wwif to identify next steps following trial proposals

Last month the inaugural WWIF Steering Group Meeting took place in Denver, Colorado. It was an excellent opportunity for members of the Fund to meet and identify points of interest and focus.

Following the Steering Group Meeting, Severn Trent have put forward three exciting trial proposals on trenchless leakage repair, smart valve operations and fibre optics in the network for leakage detection. Fund members have also been working together, sharing information and learning from one another through their current practices and research.

The first WWIF Working Group Meeting will take place on Monday 15th July where members will discuss proposals and the innovation trials going forward. It will also allow members of the Fund to identify the next steps that need to be taken.

If you are interested in joining the World Water Innovation Fund, please get in touch with Piers Clark at


The World Water Innovation Fund will be holding its inaugural steering group meeting on Wednesday 12th June 2019 in Denver, Colorado.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the WWIF members to come together and plan the exciting future of the Fund.

The meeting will allow representatives from the 7 founding utilities (link to members page on website) to discuss trials and the innovative technologies that have been put forward to WWIF in order to conduct trail-blazing research.

Administrated by Isle and supported by its global members, the World Water Innovation Fund has been set up to help change and protect the future of water for everyone. 

The WWIF are excited to share the future plans of the fund following their meeting later this week.



Water companies from around the globe are today (Tuesday 9 April 2019) joining forces to form the World Water Innovation Fund, which aims to find, develop and accelerate the ground-breaking technologies that will make a real difference to peoples’ lives across the world.

The ambitious multi-million pound fund aims to pool the intellect, resources and funding of some of the world’s most forward looking water companies to protect this precious resource against the growing challenges of climate change and population growth.

Members have each committed resources and investment to a central fund which will then be used to develop innovative techniques and to undertake trailblazing research. Members will each conduct a number of large-scale trials of new technologies, and will create a seed-fund that aims to accelerate water innovation across the world.

An example would be collaborating with leading researchers and manufacturers to develop robotic products that can be standardised for the water industry that could actively seek, locate and even repair leaks inside pipes.

The fund will have a direct benefit to at least 50 million customers but, crucially it will share and publish its findings, allowing customers all around the world to benefit.

Ofwat senior director John Russell said: “The challenges facing the water sector are profound, long-term and global. Innovation is vital to meeting the challenge of significant leakage reduction. That is why it is so important to see companies across the world pooling resources and ideas.

“With the right culture innovation can thrive. This is a step towards embracing that collaboration culture to foster a global response which is creative, ambitious, and able to solve problems and create new possibilities. It is a really exciting initiative and we’ll follow it with real interest.”

The water companies that have signed up span three continents and are:

• From the UK - Severn Trent and United Utilities;

• From the Americas – LADWP and DC Water from the US, and Aegea from Brazil; and

• From Australia - Hunter Water, Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and City West Water.

Further information about the fund and the companies who have signed up can be found at A dedicated Twitter account has also been created, providing the latest information on individual projects and trials @WorldWaterFund.